Saturday, February 23, 2013

February brings much more sunlight to Alaska

February is a wonderful month in Alaska. Not only is it the month for the Fur Rondy but also we gain a lot of daylight each day. Because of this I have noticed it is the month in which we see icicles start to form. The longer days make it so much more enjoyable for taking long walks to the beach where there is plenty to see and discover. Each tide seems to bring in new treasures to discover. The beach below Alaska Adventure Cabins is covered with a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and colors of rocks. As I look at them I wonder from where in the world these now rounded beach rocks of various origins came from. Each rock has a story that I wish I had an app that would analyse possible origins for.

Here is a link to video that I took yesterday from the Bear's Den of the beautiful longer days from the Bear's Den at Alaska Adventure Cabins.